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I’m Tim Lyons, and back in 2010, I opened a 3,100-square-foot gym. I was there night and day – not because I wanted to be, but because I had to do a TON of different tasks to save on payroll and keep the lights open. Thing was, I LOVED helping people get healthy and fit… but I grew to resent owning a gym!

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Eventually, I Broke Down And Asked My
Family For Help. That Was The Point When I Knew:

If I wanted to keep changing lives, I needed to come up with a simple, repeatable way of attracting and keeping high-quality clients. It took several years of successes and mistakes (and a LOT of borrowing from family and friends)… but I eventually perfected the five key business systems I told you about earlier. And today, I run a thriving 8,000-square-foot facility – the top-ranked personal fitness facility in Arizona – with over $1 million in annual revenue.

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What To Expect

Private Client Coaching combines weekly one-on-one calls with me and short, action-focused training videos to learn, master, and implement the five powerful systems you need to finally get control of your business, your income, and your time.

No more 14+ hour days. No more Uber driving or other fill-in-the-gaps jobs to steal the rest of your family time. No more wondering if your gym is still going to be in business a year from now.

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How I Help You

There are 5 categories of systems that, when implemented into your business, virtually eliminate stress, guesswork, and inconsistency in any coaching business:

Attraction Systems

Repeatable, specific actions coupled with automation creates a consistent flow of high-quality leads, so you don’t have to take time away from your business to find new prospects.

Conversion Systems

Solid systems strategically eliminate objections, position you as an indisputable authority, and make your ideal prospects say YES! 

Delivery Systems

Systematizing delivery of services takes the guesswork out of making sure your clients are thrilled with what they’ve paid for. With the right team and the right systems, you can dramatically increase loyalty, referrals, and glowing reviews!

Ascension Systems

Most gym business owners don’t focus on ascension – educating and nurturing existing clients to show them how higher-priced offers can help them reach even greater heights. You’ll have the systems in place to ascend clients easily to maximize results (and, of course, income).

Mindset Systems

Everyone in the business world talks about mindset these days, but busy gym owners like you only benefit from mindset training if they have systems in place to create powerful new mental habits.

Successful Clients

Before working with Tim and his team, I was frustrated, exhausted, and stuck with the business working 14 hour days. I’m a good trainer, but I was still learning the business side of things and I had no systems in place. I was just winging everything. I started looking for someone who could mentor me, and Tim stood out to me because he’s run his gym since 2009. He’s not just some guy telling me what to do, he’s actually done it. He’s where I want to be, he did it himself. The key to what they did for me, was they literally held my hand and created a step-by-step game plan for me to finally grow my business. They coached me on mindset, systems for the business, sales, marketing, business strategies, lead generation, and all kinds of cool things! Long story short, all I want to say, is it was a big investment for me and it absolutely paid off.


Before working with Tim we were trying to run our business manually and it turned into a nightmare very quickly. Because of that stress, we weren’t staying consistent and even started to create a bad reputation for ourselves because we weren’t staying consistent. My mind is blown right now with everything we were able to accomplish! I can’t tell you how excited we are, because now we’re going to be able to focus on things we love to do! We love to train and help people which is just awesome!

Steve and Kate

We are are professional athletes, and we’ve had coaches all of our lives. We got into this business venture and realized we didn’t have any coaches before Tim. The profit marketing group was exactly just that. They went above and beyond my expectations in terms of what they provided us with and helped us accomplish. They’ve assessed our business everything from staffing, pricing, scheduling, and sales and marketing as well. It’s been eye opening. Tim has brought to light for me that I haven’t been a business owner, I’ve been a slave to this business. To be able to come in, and assess where we’re at and fix it has finally allowed me to breathe.


I've known Tim Lyons for nearly 10 years. He is not only a great guy, but offers amazing marketing products/services through his company, ProFit. Alloy has engaged Tim and ProFit for many projects and and services. They continue to evolve their offerings while maintaining topnotch, personal customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend ProFit to anyone with marketing needs!

Rick MayoAlloy®

Tim and ProFit make marketing easy and effective.... being a business owner juggling multiple tasks daily, its great to have a resource who truly understands the our business to help drive leads. ProFit is more than a business service, you have to experience them to believe.

Frank NashStronger Personal Training

Thank you for all your help these past three years, I went from dreams and wishes of owning a gym, to now having a 5,000 sq ft space with two trainers/coaches working with me. You guys have certainly provided a solution for me. Thanks again for all the hard work you and your family do, Tim. I appreciate it.

Quentin McCohen

We’re in a highly competitive area and needed a professional system to help us compete with everyone else. Tim has helped us with this - it allows my interns, my staff and I all to put out some really effective solutions. This has cut a lot of time and is making us a lot of money. When I’m saying it’s paying for itself, it’s paying for it five times over!

Nick OsborneGo Fitness

I always used Tim as a great resource. Anything he does, I will sign up for! I just trust the guy, and I trust the process. Tim and I are not only friends, not only colleagues, but I have used Tim and his genius for the last 4 years now to always find a solution. Tim has been able to give us some great tools, resources and automation. It’s a really great experience and great program!

Chuck GonzalesHillsboro Fitness